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  • What does RNE mean?

    National Registry of Foreigners. The Federal Police issues a document that has the status of an ID card. Only foreigners living in Brazil on a permanent or temporary visa (except those with a short-term visa) have to obtain this document.

    I am a foreigner and am in Brazil as a tourist. I would like to work. What do I have to do?

    A Foreigner who is in Brazil as a tourist is not allowed to perform any paid activity. If you want to work in Brazil, you will have to obtain the prior authorization from the Ministry of Labor and Employment. After receipt of this authorization you will have to obtain the appropriate visa with the Brazilian Consular Representation abroad.

    In the case mentioned above, how can the foreigner arrange his legal residency in Brazil in case he enters into a marriage with a Brazilian national?

    The foreigner can marry with a Brazilian national while legally in Brazil on a tourist status. After the marriage, he has to apply for permanent residency with the Department of the Federal Police.

    I am a foreigner and would like to invest in commercial activities in Brazil. Is it possible for me to obtain a residence permit as an investor?

    Yes, this is possible. You will have to invest foreign capital with a value of at least R$ 150.000,00 (one hundred fifty thousand Brazilian Reais) in a new or an existing Brazilian company.

    I am a Brazilian national and have a same-sex partner. Can my partner obtain legal residency in Brazil

    Yes, this is possible in Brazil. This procedure falls under the responsibility of the National Immigration Council, an agency located in Brasília / DF. Several documents will have to be submitted, proving the existence of a real and stable relationship.

    What is the maximum allowable period of stay in Brazil as a tourist?

    Generally, the maximum period of stay in Brazil as a tourist visa holder is 90 (ninety) days, and may be extended for the same period, totaling a maximum stay of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days within a one year period. However, for nationals of some countries this period may be shorter. The application for extension of stay as a tourist has to be filed with the Department of the Federal Police

    I am a foreigner with a temporary visa in Brazil based on a Brazilian labor contract. I have filed an extension application, which currently is under review by the Ministry of Justice. Am I allowed to travel abroad?

    Yes, the foreigner who has an extension application pending with the Ministry of Justice can travel abroad. However, he is not allowed to be absent from Brazilian territory for more than 90 days. Also, depending on his nationality, the foreigner may need to collect a consular visa with the Brazilian consular post abroad in order to guarantee his re-entry into Brazil.

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