– Legal analysis of the different work permit options, as provided for the Brazilian legislation;

– Applications for Brazilian work permits and visas, both temporary and permanent;

– Applications for extension of temporary visas and change from temporary into permanent visas;

– Applications for family reunion;

– Applications for naturalization and Brazilian nationality by option;

– Requests for residence based on bilateral treaties;

– Applications for indefinite stay based on marriage with a Brazilian national or because of a Brazilian child;

– Applications for stay based on stable union / non-married partners;

– Applications for work permit based on investments of individual;

– Assistance with the obtainment of necessary documentation for the stay of the foreign national in Brazil;

– Other services necessary on the process of visa for foreign national.


– Analysis of the type of visa to be obtained and legal procedure to be followed in the country of destination;

– Assistance with obtainment of visas, tourist visas, work visas or work permits for the country of destination, with the foreign Consulate in Brazil;

– Assistance with obtainment of Consular certificates and testimonies;

– Legalization of documents with the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

– Obtainment of documents required for the granting of foreign work permits and visas;

– Issuance of Certificates of Temporary Displacement and Exemption of Contribution (CDT);

– And other services required for obtainment of foreign visas and work permits for Brazilians.